About Us

Who we are

Legacy of Flavors and Taste of Purity

Shan Sweets and Restaurant is a vibrant and traditional Indian food restaurant where every dish tells a tale of age-old spices, and a passion for gastronomy. Our menu takes you on a captivating journey of India’s assorted culinary landscape. We aim to satisfy your taste buds through our variety of preparations and contemporary touch of authentic essence.

We welcome you to our restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience that will surely leave you craving more. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian cuisine and from Indian snacks to sweets, we have a warmth of flavorsome adventures where you will get delighted by new tastes. We bring you heritage food with a warmth of Indian hospitality that you can relish with your loved ones.

Why people choose us:

We are known for our quality
savour and authenticity

Shan Sweet and Restaurant are among the best Indian restaurants that serve a wide variety of Indian food and sweets. Along with it, we use farm fresh produce and premium spices to enrich our flavours in every bite.

Garden Fresh Vegetables

We only use garden-fresh vegetables to prepare our authentic food that adds taste to your meal.

Organic groceries

We use organic groceries that include lentils, oils, sauces, etc. All these items are stocked in our warehouse.

Purely Dairy Sweets

We use fresh milk and natural sweeteners to prepare our sweets with a blend of rose, saffron, and silver leaf.

100% fresh Meat

We use fresh meat to serve our customers. Our meat is succulent and appetizing.