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Adelaide is a charming place surrounded by millions of people, and out of which Indian cuisine is one of the favorite or most popular cuisines in Australia. Indian restaurants stand out among its culinary gems for its rich tastes, aromatic spices, and genuine cuisine that take customers to the heart of India. If you are also fascinated with Indian food or want to try something new, Adelaide’s Indian dining scene awaits you at Shan Sweets and Restaurant.

Diverse Specialties

Indian restaurants proudly display the diversity of Indian cuisines, which is the authenticity of our domestic flavours. Each restaurant offers a special dining experience with genuine food options that reflect the distinctive cuisines of India. From rich curries to aromatic spices and from vegetarian to nonvegetarian delights, Shan Sweets and Restaurant, with its distinctive menu, will enlighten you to an unmatchable dining experience which makes them the best new restaurant in Adelaide.

Enticing Street Food:

Other than taste and flavours Indian restaurants are also famous for their thriving street food. Samosas, pani puris, vada pavs, and bhel puris are among the bite-sized treats that take center stage and offer a delectable explosion of tastes and textures that will perfectly encapsulate in your mouth. These delicious appetizers provide an ideal introduction to the world of Indian cuisine, frequently served with tangy chutneys and cool beverages are readily available at Shan Sweets and Restaurant which is an Indian restaurant and is located near you in Parafield, Mount Gambier, and Plympton.

Traditional Tandoori Delicacies:

A significant part of Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants includes tandoori cooking, and this Indian restaurant is master of tandoori technique. A few of the highlights are juicy kebabs, tender tandoori chicken, and freshly made naan bread. Food prepared in the tandoor oven has a smokey flavor and a lovely char, making it both aesthetically pleasing and delectable. This Indian restaurant in Adelaide is a must try if you are a big fan of tandoori delicacies. Apart from it, at Shan Sweets and Restaurant you will get other vegan items freshly prepared that makes it a best vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide.

Milk Delights:

As per our tradition, without a taste of the delicious Indian sweets, or mithai, no Indian feast is complete. A wide selection of sweet treats like gulab jamun, jalebi and kulfis that are enough to satisfy any sweet craving. These opulent desserts are the ideal way to cap off an unforgettable Indian meal and Shan Sweet and Restaurant is a destination for all Indian sweets. They freshly prepare their sweets and add a blend of flavors to them. It is your on the go destination while you are heading to your home because this Indian restaurant is near you.

Cosy and Professional Staff:

Our welcoming staff and scent of freshly ground spices will meet you as soon as you enter our premises. The vivid setting, which is frequently complemented by traditional artwork and music, produces an engrossing atmosphere that enhances the flavors of the food. Therefore, come visit us for lucious Indian food and fulfill your scrummy sweets cravings.


This vegan restaurant provides a real culinary tour through the various areas of India, whether you're a food enthusiast or an expert on Indian cuisine. Every meal, from the delectable street food to the flavorful curries and mouth watering sweets, depicts the customs, spices, and genuine tastes that make Indian food so remarkable. So explore Adelaide's Indian food scene with Shan Sweets and Restaurant and let your palate to experience the mouthwatering flavors and vibrant culinary traditions of India.

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